Installations - Samples

Degaussing Systems 

We understand ourselves as problem solver providing optimum installations including degaussing coils or yokes and transport systems, ready for connection.
Please find some examples below:

Demagnetizing System Type EMS 

Application: for single tubes, bars, shafts, length of up to 3.5 m, weight up to approx. 1000 kg


Demagnetizing System Type EMS 


Application: big tubes, bars, shafts, packed on pallet, length of up to 3m, weight up to approx. 1500 kg


Demagnetizing System Series EJT 


Application: work pieces like roller bearing, anti-friction bearings, tools and finished products 


Demagnetizing System Series EMT


Application: high-performance degaussing line for single parts / bulk goods


Demagnetizing System Series EMT-P

Application: portable high-performance impulse degaussing station for single parts / bulk goods 



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